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The most essential quality in a builder is trust

When you understand the complexities of homebuilding and remodeling, from start to finish, you will better appreciate the realities of the construction process and why an expert resource performing every task is so crucial. A partner who keeps you informed and explains the rationale and cost of every decision you make together.

For more than 35 years, we have advocated for our homeowners, assisting them in making the best choices for both their estates and their bottom lines. We’re honored to be the builder of choice year after year by some of our area’s most discerning homeowners.

The first person you meet from a homebuilding company, whether an owner or a salesperson, can often be a major influence in your choice of builder for your home. Natural rapport with your contact person is important. You want to find a trustworthy company that employs trustworthy specialists at every level, especially those who interact with homebuilders. And you can sense trustworthiness in how readily and candidly a builder answers your questions.

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Here are some qualities to look for in your trusted partner:

  • A full understanding of laws, regulations and compliance. Sample contracts, as well as proof of the necessary licensing and insurance, are signs of a conscientious company that doesn’t cut corners.
  • An experienced guide. You will naturally feel more confident in a builder who understands the ups and downs which are likely during design and construction.
  • A transparent communicator. You will have more confidence in a builder who clearly communicates the overall job schedule as well as the approximate timetable for each major phase of construction.
  • A list of references. Most reputable companies will provide them. If some of those clients are happy to show you their completed home, that’s even better—a sign that they really like and trust the builder.

Peace of mind even while away

Many—if not the majority—of our clients spend part of the year in Southwest Florida and the rest of the year out of state or traveling abroad. A good partner knows by reducing uncertainty and developing trust, you as a client will have much less (if any) stress throughout the build of your home. At Harwick Homes, we are proud of the record we have established with multiple generations of clients who refer their friends and family to us for both new construction and remodeling.

We earn the trust of clients each and every day. And we welcome questions about every aspect of our business, because just as our tagline promises, we know the difference—especially between us and other builders—is in the details.