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Harwick Homes Promotes Alexandra Brennan to Senior Project Manager

Harwick Homes has promoted long time employee Alexandra Brennan to Senior Project Manager.

In her 18 years working for Harwick Homes, Brennan has been involved in the construction of over 100 custom homes amounting to nearly $250 million in her career. Brennan began as a receptionist and worked her way up to become the first Senior Project Manager at Harwick Homes.

Brennan’s family moved to the United States from Germany when she was in her early 20’s. Before starting at Harwick, she worked as a Licensed Dynamite Blaster, overseeing the “blasting” of bedrock underneath the area creating countless numbers of lakes in some of the most prominent communities throughout Naples. Now after 18 years, Brennan is actively involved in all phases (other than sales) of new homes and remodels and has completed 109 homes throughout her career.

In the first half of her career, Brennan served as a Production Manager and Estimator; her job was to get homes out of the ground. She was instrumental in the start of a construction project and related coordination, permitting, estimating, plan management, bid analysis, managing contracts, client communications, and more.

Brennan was subsequently promoted to Project Manager, which added on to her current workload to include more client communication. In her role as Project Manager, she is in charge of consolidating information from subcontractors and clients and integrating everyone’s opinions into the construction of the home. There are thousands of decisions to be made about each custom home Harwick builds, and Brennan’s responsibility is to document each decision and make sure all of the changes are made. She describes this situation as a domino effect; if one wall color changes, then other colors will need to change, different fabrics will be selected, and budgets will have to be updated. This makes the Project Manager’s job both challenging and exciting.

In addition, in the latter half of her career, Brennan was instrumental in founding the “Maintain-It” program at Harwick. This home maintenance program gives seasonal residents peace of mind, as they always have a person to call to check up on their homes while they are away. Just before the owners return, Harwick will open their home to check on and fix any maintenance issues and ensure the home is running smoothly. This service is available for everyone in the area, not just Harwick’s clients. In the aftermath of Irma, the “Maintain-It” program repaired roofs and screen enclosures for nearly 35 homes, proving to be a reliable and useful service.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with Harwick, Brennan quickly replied with “the number one thing I enjoy about Harwick is the people I work with. Harwick has uniquely close relationships with all of its vendors and clients. Mark and Shane are both very understanding, supportive leaders who want all of us to succeed. Good leaders make you want to work harder, and I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing company”, Brennan added.

Harwick Homes President Mark Smith is equally impressed with Brennan’s work.  “Alex is a huge asset to the company. Her work ethic and knowledge of construction are unparalleled and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. She is an exceptional leader and role model for other women hoping to rise to hold higher positions in the industry,” Smith added.

Alex Brennan is the first to be designated a Senior Project Manager at Harwick Homes. In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that of the 10.3 million employees of the construction industry, only 9% were women. Brennan not only defies this statistic, but she also holds one of the highest positions at her company.

In conclusion, Brennan “greatly enjoys the process and the challenges that come in this industry and it never fails to amaze me what the end result of remarkable team work produces”.

About Harwick Homes
Press coverage by WCG. Harwick Homes has been creating and remodeling homes of distinction in Southwest Florida for over 25 years, building new luxury homes priced from $1 million to more than $10 million in many of the region’s most exclusive neighborhoods and communities. The company also builds private residences on individual home sites along the Gulf of Mexico and offers full-service interior and exterior renovations, additions and space-planning services.
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