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100k, The Harwick Way!

NAPLES, Florida – The website Houzz is known as the premier destination for estate décor, design and construction inspiration. It’s a powerful platform for custom builders, designers and architects alike to showcase the quality of their work and connect to people in the market for their services.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the website is its ability to give businesses completely unbiased user reaction and feedback on their products. Users participate in Houzz by saving images and projects they respond positively to.

Harwick Homes is proud to announce we have reached an important and rare milestone on Houzz: the “Houzz 100k Saves” badge. This distinction signifies that over 100k people have saved our work into their ideabooks!

We are honored to receive this badge, as it comes directly from the people and affirms our mission of creating the most one-of-a-kind homes in Southwest Florida. Thank you to everyone who’s saved a Harwick project on Houzz, and remember, The Difference is in the Details!

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